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Are Malfunctioning Machines Slowing the Speed of Your Business?

Now is the ideal time to get professional dryer vent and exhaust duct cleaning from the experts at AAA Commercial Vent Cleaning. For over 50 years, we have brought our services to a variety of commercial businesses and institutions including schools and colleges, hospitals, medical facilities, apartment buildings, condos, restaurants, and a variety of other property that use dryers.

Don’t take away precious time running the important aspects of your business or home because of dryer vent cleaning and maintenance – instead, leave it to the professionals!

Signs Your Machines Need Cleaning

There are a variety of ways to tell your dryer’s vents and exhaust ducts are in need of debris removal, cleaning, or blockage removal. It is important to recognize these signs before it gets too late, as The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates over 15,600 fires occur annually due to clogged, blocked, or dirty dryer vents and exhaust ducts.


The dryer gets hot to the touch


You notice moisture or dampness inside the dryer

Check Vent

The dryer Check Vent Light is on


Laundry items smell musty or moldy

Shuts Off

The dryer shuts off on its own with laundry still wet


The dryer is giving off a burning smell

Let AAA Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Your Machines

Many people do not realize the hidden dangers that can occur when dryer vents are not maintained and properly cleaned. This is especially true for businesses or homes that do excessive amounts of laundry and/or have multiple machines. While it is necessary to continually clean out the interior lint trap inside dryer machines, exhaust ducts and dryer vents need to be properly cleaned in order to prevent fires and ensure your machines works at optimal capacity.

Don’t trust the safety and livelihood of your business or home to just anyone. Partner with our professional technician team that will bring you over 50 years of experience when it comes to dryers, vent cleaning, maintenance, repair and more.



Call AAA Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning today at 888-985-0876 and keep your machines working in optimal condition.

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