What Steps You Should Take if Your Dryer is Running But Not Heating

A dryer not heating is a frustrating conundrum for any home or business owner that relies on their dryer on a daily basis. If you happen to notice that your dryer is running but not heating the load, it’s important that you take this as a serious indicator that there could be a bigger problem with your unit. The dryer vent professionals at AAA Commercial Vent Cleaning will come to your location to determine why your dryer is not running up to par.


Common Reasons Why Your Dryer Spins But No Heat Comes Out

Before we can put together a plan to remedy your dryer not heating, it’s important to understand the reasons why it may be malfunctioning. Some of the common reasons why this problem happens include:

  • Blocked vent

A dryer vent that is blocked by a build up of lint can cause your dryer to overheat which could ultimately cause your dryer to either shut down or simply not work correctly. It’s important that you ensure that your outside exhaust vent remains clear so that air can flow freely in and out of the vent.


  • Problems with gas or electric supply line

In some cases, your dryer may not be operating correctly due to an issue with a gas or electric supply line. For example, if your gas is not running for any reason, then your dryer will not heat up. Issues with your gas or electric line is not something that you should attempt to fix yourself. You should always call an experienced professional to address this issue for you.


  • A load that is uneven

Sometimes, your dryer is not working correctly for reasons other than mechanical difficulties. You should try to be conscious of the load that you are placing in your dryer.  For example, you should avoid attempting to dry your clothes with heavier items such as comforters or towels. Instead, plan to load your dryer according to size to ensure that the heat distributes evenly.


What You Can Do When Your Dryer is Running But Not Heating

When you have a dryer not heating, there are several things that you can do. Here are a few simple suggestions of things that you should check:

  • Thermal fuse

There are certain safety features inside your dryer that help to prevent the dryer from overheating. If you notice that your dryer spins but no heat is coming out, one of the first things that you should you check is whether the thermal fuse has tripped. The thermal fuse is responsible for ensuring that the temperature of your unit does not get too high. In the majority of cases, it your thermal fuse is blown, you will need to have it replaced.


  • Call the professionals

It’s important that you schedule an appointment on at least a yearly basis to have your dryer vent professionally serviced. These appointments will allow a member of our team to thoroughly evaluate your dryer vent, clean it and provide you with any recommendations with regard to how your dryer could perform better.


Book Your Appointment to Assess Why Your Dryer is Running But Not Heating Today

The AAA Commercial Vent Cleaning team is always available to help you troubleshoot your dryer issues. A dryer not heating is a problem that you should never put off. We recommend that you give us a call today at (888) 985-0876 to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out to assess your unit.

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