The Leading Reasons Why You Need to Ensure That Your Indoor Dryer Vent is Clean and Clear

For most people, their dryer is a critical part of their home or business. An important part of the unit is the vent. When your indoor dryer vent is not working properly, you run the possibility of having to deal with a variety of problems with the efficiency of your dryer. If your dryer is not venting outside it is important to make sure it is clear to prevent fires.

The AAA Commercial Vent team is always available to discuss with you at length the need to have your dryer vent outside. As industry experts, we understand the importance of arranging your dryer vent in such a way that the machine operates correctly.

Why You Should Be Concerned When Your Dryer is Not Venting Outside

If you happen to notice that your dryer is not venting outside the way that it should, one of the first things that you should do is to call AAA Commercial Vent. There are several reasons why a dryer without a vent to the outside can be dangerous or costly to you. Here are a few of the top examples.

Possible issues with mold or mildew

In order for your dryer to effectively dry your clothes or linens, air must be able to flow freely in and out of the vent. This air ultimately removes the water and moisture that was used during your wash cycle. When your vent is not working correctly, over time there will be a build up of moisture in your vent. This can lead to mold and mildew issues that can potentially impact the health of you, your family, or your employees.

Your dryer vent must be up to code

There are certain areas where it’s illegal to vent your dryer inside. Although building codes do vary, the current way to vent your dryer is to establish a connection that is outside so that you have fresh air flowing freely in and out of the vent.

Health concerns

Did you know that if your dryer vent does not vent outside or there is a clog in the vent that prevents proper ventilation there may be a build up in carbon monoxide in your laundry room? Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is highly toxic. Carbon monoxide exposure could result in serious physical harm. If you are exposed to this gas for a long enough period of time, there is a possibility that it can also result in death.

Possible safety hazards

During every cycle, a certain amount of lint is left behind. Although the majority of this lint is usually caught by the lint trap, it’s possible for lint to accumulate in the vent itself. Many people are unaware of the fact that lint is fluffy and very dry which makes it extremely flammable. While your machine is running, the vent will become warm. This heat could result in the lint catching on fire which can cause severe damage to your home and business as well as jeopardize the safety of your family or employees.

The AAA Commercial Vent Team Can Fix a Dryer Without a Vent to the Outside

If you have a dryer without a vent to the outside or a unit that is simply not working up to your needs, don’t delay in reaching out to the AAA Commercial Vent team. Our technicians take the time to assess your unit and present you with a plan to remedy the problem. Whether your dryer requires repair work or a complete replacement, our team works quickly and efficiently to address your issues. For an obligation free quote or to schedule your appointment, please reach out to us today at 888-985-0876

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