Why Now Is the Best Time to Clean Your Dryer Vents  

Whether you are a home or a business owner, your dryer can play an important role in your everyday life. Families need to guarantee their clothes are clean and dry for day-to-day activities and business owners need to make sure their linens or towels are usable for their clients. To ensure your dryer remains up to this task, you must reach out to a team of dryer vent cleaning professionals for yearly dryer vent cleaning.

One of the most common questions we receive from customers who would like to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment involves how often this type of cleaning occurs. We recommend you arrange for a yearly dryer vent cleaning appointment; however, based on the size of your dryer and how often you use it, your unit may require additional cleanings. For example, if your dryer is smaller, it may make more sense to schedule cleaning two to three times a year because the lint will build up faster and the vent may become clogged more easily.  

Why Should You Schedule a Yearly Dryer Vent Cleaning?  

There are several reasons why you should never overlook the importance of making time to schedule dryer vent cleaning for your unit. Here are a few of the leading reasons why making this appointment is so essential:

Extend the life of your machine  

When your dryer vent is in good working order, you won’t need to worry about unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. When the dryer vent is clogged, your machine needs to work even harder to dry your clothes or linens. That extra exertion could result in a breakdown of certain parts on your machine, which could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repair needs or could result in having to purchase a new machine.  

Save on utility bills  

Have you noticed it is taking multiple cycles to dry your clothes properly? If the answer is yes, then you should reach out to schedule an appointment to have your dryer cleaned as soon as possible. Clothes that are still wet after a dry cycle could indicate a completely clogged vent. As soon as the clog is removed, you will undoubtedly notice a decrease in your electricity bill since it is only taking one cycle to dry your clothes.  

Fire prevention  

Many people are unaware that a build-up of lint in your dryer vent represents a serious fire hazard. Lint is extremely flammable, and when the heat naturally warms the material from your dryer, you run the risk of starting a fire as you are drying a load of clothes. Additionally, when a dryer is clogged, there is a natural increase in carbon monoxide since air cannot flow freely in and out of the vent. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be potentially fatal for you, your family or your employees.  

Let the AAA Commercial Vent Cleaning Team Clean Your Dryer Vents  

You will never need to stress about scheduling a yearly dryer vent cleaning when you reach out to AAA Commercial Vent Cleaning professionals. We are always happy to take the opportunity to speak with our clients regarding our process for cleaning your dryer vent, so you feel comfortable and confident throughout the appointment. If you would like more information or you would like to request an obligation free quote, please give us a call today at (888) 985-0876.  

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